Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Tuesday, February 2, 2010
My grandparents didnt get to attend Kaylyn's birthday party because they were sick. So yesterday we happen to be at my parents when my grandparents came over. They brought Kaylyn's birthday present with her too. Kaylyn opened up her present and it was a little make-up kit. Kaylyn was so excited...me not so much! It had 3 eye shadows (blue, pink & light purple), face glitter powder, liquid glitter body gel, and 2 glitter lip glosses. Of course I let her play with it since my grandparents were still there. This is what she looked like...

Awww, she has so much to learn about make-up....



Yeah, my girls both got something like that last year (as in 2008) for Christmas. Not cool.


Oh I love it! So cute!


Too cute - but that's what mom's are for - to teach our precious baby girls that "less is more" - HA! :o)


So adorable! I cant wait till my munchkin is old enough for fun like this!


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