Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hand Me Downs

Thursday, February 4, 2010
I love me some hand me downs. I technically have never "had" to buy Kaylyn any clothes. I have though because I found some really cute clothes but she has never needed them. We have been so blessed to have 2 people always give us their hand me downs.

When Kaylyn was born of course I received a ton of clothes at her/my baby shower. Then when I returned to work when she was about 3 months old I had a friend bring me 2 huge black garbage bags full of clothes. See her daughter was exactly a year older than Kaylyn so all of the clothes fit Kaylyn perfect for every season. She continued to bring us clothes at every season change until Kaylyn was about 3. She had more clothes than I know what to do with. There we even items that still had tags on them. Not to mention they were always clean clothes, they never had any stains or holes.

Shortly after Kaylyn turned 3 one of my moms really good friends asked my mom Kaylyn's size. My mom told her and then within a week she brought my mom 4 big, black garbage bags full of clothes and shoes. These too were great clothes...very clean with no stains or holes in them, including the shoes. This nice lady would give us 2-3 bags every time it changed season. At one point we had so many bags of clothes we didnt know what to do with them. So as you can guess there were some clothes that she didnt even get a chance to get into because right now she is literally growing like a weed!

The shoes have been the cutest too. She has been given several pairs of flip flops, dress shoes, tennis shoes, and boots. However, like the clothes some of the shoes she never got her feet into. Like this morning for example...I put her in a pair of khaki pants with a white long sleeve blouse that had a brown sweater over it. It was so cute. So I thought to myself...I know I saw a couple of pairs of brown boots in that bag. Those would go perfect with her outfit. So I go and picked this cute pair out.

Well I couldnt get her foot in there! It was a size 10 in kids and that's what size her foot is...or so I thought. By the time I got the boot on one foot I could tell her toes were all smashed so I reluctantly took them back off. Then I tried this pair.

Same thing with these. I couldnt even get these zipped up! Now I am all upset because she didnt even get to wear these! They look practically brand new, they have no scuff marks on them at all. So I am a little sad because I had to put her darn tennis shoes on her that really didnt go with the outfit. I am sure her teacher is probably thinking "what was I thinking?"

So needless to say...these will be a good hand me down to someone.


Aunt of 14

Those are cute boots!!!! It will make some other little girl very happy! :)

Aunt of 14

Alicia... your birthday is sometime this month. The 8th? 13th?

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Ack! Those boots are adorable! I never bought the boys clothing until Elijah started school this year. My mom literally bought every stitch of clothing they owned. Right now? Asher has 36 pairs of pants. Yes, 36, 3 jackets, 3 pairs of goes on. It is nice having that, isn't it!? More $$ for us to buy OUR girly stuff!

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