Friday, May 29, 2009

The Mommy Confessions

Friday, May 29, 2009
Victoria over at Life Starring Ellie and Eve started a new Mommy Confession! I think it's awesome. This will give you a chance to confess something and not be judged! I am all about that. Hop on over to Victoria's site and see other Mommy Confessions!

So what do I confess? I confess that sometimes I still make Kaylyn drink out of a sippy cup just because I know how she is and I know that whatever I give her will always end up on the floor. Is that bad being since she is 5? Plus I watched the Jon & Kate plus 8 season premiere on Monday and I noticed that all 6 of the sextuplets were drinking out of regular cups and Kaylyn is 6 months older than them. Dont judge me!


Victoria Arya

That's alright! My neice still drinks out of a sippy cup on a regular basis and she is close to 7! I am dreading trying to move Ellie to a regular cup, especially with my neat freak hubby!

Aunt of 14

:-D I think it depends on the kid, really.


Actually I think this is a great idea except that I hate washing sippee cups. Very annoying. And my son is a spiller...sigh...

The Mud Bug

My two girls are still sippy cup drnkers (4 and almost 6). They spill and my floors/rugs can handle anymore spills.

The Petersons

Hey, I say... do what you can do to save your sanity! I'm just as bad, my son is almost 3 and I still let him sleep with his pacifier because I love how easy it is to get him to sleep. Whatever works!!

Karen of Sillymonkeez

I still make my 5yr old drink out of those cups with a cover and a straw. They aren't 100% spill proof, but if he's sitting at the table next to my laptop eating lunch, then I need to minimize the possibility of spilling.

ben and erin

nope, totally nothing wrong with that! i still do that every now and then. although one reason is because my 22 month old would go get her cup and spill it!


It's all good! My 4 year old son still does too! It saves moms messes to clean up!


Mine is 4 and does too. Otherwise I spend 90% of the day cleaning up spills. I completely understand!

Amy and her little family

hey if it keeps the floor clean...


If I still had sippy cups that were intact, all my kids would drink out of them...and my oldest is 8!


If my son doesn't stop spilling all over the place I'm going to be tempted to dig them back out.

My expressions LIVE

I don't use a sippy cup, straws is what I use. I should take stock in straws....we go through so many. Are they dishwasher safe? lol

Flying Giggles and Lollipops

I can imagin me doing the same thing in 3 years. I hate messes, I would rather just avoid them!


i wouldn't judge you!! Its not a big deal...Gavin is 3 weeks younger than the Gosslin Sextuplets and I still let him have his 'baby' to sleep with. I'll actually be sad the day he decides he doesn't need 'him' anymore. (Its a pitiful looking blue bear that I bought fromt he dollar tree when he was 1, and he loves that thing like its a person!)


i wouldnt judge you. i got rid of our sippy cup though cause it was a disgusting mess. wish we still had it though my four yr old likes to dump his cup out on the floor from time to time.


oh i bet i will be just like you when Miss O is that age. Cause she is already a little monkey when it comes to making messes and I cant see her getting better , I hope you had an awesome weekend


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