Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Bug

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Well I caught it...don't know where I got it but I did. I caught the stomach bug. I feel absolutely awful. I was on my way home last night and I felt so nauseated. I chalked it up to running ninety to nothing all day. I didn't even get to check my blogs yesterday because I was so busy at work. Well I grabbed some Arby's on the way home for me and Kevin. I told him I wasnt feeling so good so he let me eat and then I went to bed. This was around 9:30 last night. Well around 11 I woke up and I felt so sick...awful feeling. After a few mins finally everything I had ate before came up...I felt some better but not great. I layed back down and ended up throwing up all night for the rest of the night. Kevin got up for a few mins and asked if I had the swine flu...I told him no!! He asked if I was pregnant...I can't be I just had my period last night so no.

After throwing up all night I called into work because I didn't get any sleep at all. I called the Dr first thing to see if I could get some phnergan or something. They wanted me to come in...great! Now I get to throw up in front of everyone! We made it up there without me throwing up (thank you God!!) and they did a pregnancy test just in case...it was negative. I knew it would be. They went a head and gave me a shot of phnergan...I think I love that shot! It worked so fast...I started to feel somewhat better but very sleepy. They gave me a prescription of the suppository (yay me!) phnergan. Glad to say didnt have to use those! I came home and slept for the most part of the day and now I am feeling pretty good. Not great but good.

Now I am sitting here surfing the web and watching American Idol. I hope everyone has a wonderful night!


Aunt of 14

Hi! I am SO sorry you caught a bug! Sounds like you had it bad... but I am glad that shot you took helped you to feel better. I've never heard of it? The last time I had the flu really bad was 3 christmases ago... I was throwing up for 18 hours straight... nonstop... it was the most miserable time ever. If I had known there was something that could have helped like that shot?!...


Yucky! I'm sorry you got so sick. That phenergan makes me hallucinate! LOL I've had to take it a few times when I had kidney stones b/c I'll start throwing up from pain. One time they gave it to me in the ER and I started screaming because I thought Josh was trying to suffocate me with my pillow. He was scared to death that they were going to take him away in handcuffs or something, poor guy! lol IT WORKS THOUGH! HAHA

I hope you're feeling much better.


aw man - sounds terrible!
Sorry I've been MIA lately....just so busy - no time to write.
It's kind of funny (well not really) but last post I had read of yours it was the one about you being all sick and finally I get on tonight for the first time in a long time and that is what your last post is again..you being sick and throwing up...poor thing!!
Take care!!! Feel better soon...

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