Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Ok its Wednesday night...almost midnight. I once again am not sleeping. I wonder if its the nap that I took earlier tonight from 7-8?? Probably but oh well. At least not sleeping now is giving me a chance to blog stalk. Besides Nikki says that some of her frogs are missing in this post. Beside's who am I to dissapoint some of my readers. So I had a couple of things to discuss with you.

First...I am thinking of changing my blog url. Something to incorporate my name in it or something. I also want to get a prettier blog so I will probably see if Tinika is still offering free makeover's to get her business started. She did one for my Mary Kay website (I will share about it later) and I absolutely love it. She did a fantastic job! It came out better than I thought it would. Hop over to see what all she has going on and tell her I sent you!!! Hey if you have any cute thoughts on naming my new URL let me know...maybe it can turn into a contest or something...hmm...that is a thought!

Oh and another thing... I am coming up on my 100th post on this blog so of course I am going to do a giveaway. I already have something in mind. So be on the lookout for the giveaway.

Serenity is going through some tough times right now. Hop over to her blog and give her a big hug! I am really praying for her...she has become such a wonderful BF (blog friend) and I really hate to hear she is going through all of this. We have become so close over the last couple of months and I pratically talk to her everyday. So go send her some love! (((Hugs))) Serenity...know I am thinking about you!

Speaking of being close to BF's who all are you close to?



You are baby!


Okay, I'm tired. That didn't make sense. I meant...

To you baby! But now baby sounds really creepy.


Since you're discussing a blog you know how to make buttons? I want to make one for my weakly recipe exchange...thought I'd ask you; you seem to know a lot about this blogging world.
Feeling better?


I wish I could help with the new URL- I have been kind of wanting to change mine, too. But apparently I have no imagination, lol. If anything comes to me, I will let you know!

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