Sunday, May 17, 2009

99th Post and update

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Can you believe this is my 99th post? I cant...didnt realize I has that much to say! I am working on my 100th...of course it will be a giveaway!

As for my weekend. Well in somewhat of a recent post (I think back in March) I told you about our new 46" TV. I have really grown to like my tv. I love having a big TV, and I love being able to sit down and play on the computer while watching tv. Well Friday Kevin announced they had a 52" TV that is actually cheaper than what we paid for our 46". I said "so!" His point was that he wanted to take the 46" back and get the 52" along with the difference in cash. I really could have cared was only like $135. Well Kevin insisted so yesterday we loaded up the perfectly good 46" and headed to Sams (where he works). As we are getting out of the car Kevin went to get one of those flatcarts to load the TV on. I was getting Kaylyn out of her seat and then headed to the back of the car. He lifted the TV and went to put it on the cart. As he bent over he yelped and let out a few choice words (everybody was looking at us). I asked him what was wrong. He said my back went out. I hate to admit it but I wasnt very sympathetic. So everybody walked on by and I asked him what I needed to do. He said to let him lean against the car for a minutes. Kaylyn who is the most impatient person (she gets that from me) kept asking when we were going in. On top of Kevin's cussing and complaining my nerves were shot. He then grabbed the cart and leaned against it and pushed it towards the building. He walked very slow because he couldnt put all his weight down on his left side. After a few mins we made it in and he grabbed a wheelchair and was able to wheel around in that. Some of the guys he worked with were able to load up the 52" TV into my car. I asked him if he was feeling any better and he said no that it was time to go to the ER. So we dropped off my daughter at my MIL's and headed to the ER after I and him carried the 52" TV in our house and he hooked it up to see what a good picture it had!

At the ER he was taken right back for the most part. They wheeled him back in a wheel chair and looked at him and then took him for an X-ray. They said his X-ray looked fine but really he needed an MRI but they couldnt do one there at the hospital that they would have to refer out. They felt like he herniated a disk and that was where all his pain was coming from. They gave him two shots, one pain med and the other steroid. They gave us a prescription for some muscle relaxers and a few pain pills and sent us on our way. I had to pay the $100 co-pay for the ER and then we headed to the drug store. The total came out to be close to $20 at the drug store.

I couldnt help but thinking that the $135 we got back from exchanging the TV's just went to the ER and the drug was I really coming out any better? I told my husband this and he wasnt too happy with me. But at least I got my point across:)


Aunt of 14

You sure did get your point across! HAH, I'm sorry about your husband and I really hope he feels better... back pain is NO fun... is the TV worth it to him, I wonder?


Ha! Good point!


Men! They just HAVE to prove their point and look what happens. Seriously, I hope he is ok and I hope the new TV was sooo worth it =)

ben and erin

yes... the important part is that you got your point across! all kidding aside, i hope he gets to feeling better soon, because if your husband is like mine, they can be such babies when it comes to ailments. sorry, push a child out of you with no meds and THEN tell me about pain! lol.

it cracks me up that he hooked the tv up before going to the er. that IS such a guy thing. looking forward to your 100th post!!


LOL knowing men, i bet it is worth it to him!

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