Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do I expect too much?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
So I told you my husband hurt his back on Saturday right? Well he has been off all week. His back seems to be much better (apparently in my opinion) and he isnt complaining as much. He is able to get up and walk around and even drive himself somewhere. He is able to walk his happy butt outside and puff on a cigarette. That in it's self says that he is fine...

Well let me tell you what happened. I want someone to tell me if I am crazy or what? I received a call yesterday from a lady (Latino descent, very nice) questioning about our home. Because's still on the market. She asked when she could come see it. I told her how about Wednesday night around 6 (which is tonight now)? She said that would be great. I knew I got off work at 4 so I would be home around 4:45. So I told my husband that we had someone interested and they would be here on Wed. night. He said ok. Now I will tell you upfront I did not ask him to clean or pick up. But in my mind I thought he should because let's face it...if he can walk outside (down the stairs) and out to his car to get a cigarette and then pollute the air with the smoke (sorry if you smoke...I just dont) then in my mind he can pick up the freaking house! Well maybe next time I need to spell it out. When I walked in the living room was still a mess with toys and DVD's scattered all over the floor. I walked into our room and there was clothes in the floor along with 2 baskets of clothes not washed. I walked back to Kayly's room and noticed that yes indeed...Hurricane Kaylyn had struck and FEMA hadnt yet handled the disaster. This is what her room looked like...

So I started picking up the living room and muttering things (on purpose) under my breath. Really...he cant pick them up? Push them under the couch? Nothing? By the way...he is laying on the couch playing the computer which is on the coffee table and watching a baseball game on the 52" TV that we JUST HAD TO HAVE!

Kevin: "Do you really think she is going to show up?"

Me: "Well, if she does do you want her to see the house this way?"

Kevin: "I really dont care...I just dont feel like cleaning"

Me: "You really want someone to see our house like this?"

Kevin: "Yeah, I dont care."

Me: "Fine...I wont pick up anything else!!"

And I didnt...Kaylyn's room looked like it did in the pic above. I bluntly told her when she walked in that I just had gotten home from work and it seems like my husband is too good to clean up. At this point I really dont care if she wanted it or not. I just wanted to get my point across to my husband. Now dont get me wrong...I didnt expect the house to be spotless but I expected to be able to walk through the living room and Kaylyn's room.

Well she saw my house with all of it's glory because it wasnt picked up at all!


Aunt of 14

Hi Alicia... oh I HATE selling the house. We tried to sell our house and we had to keep it SPOTLESS every single day in case somebody wanted to show up. It would make me so mad because sometimes they showed up withuot an appointment! One time I was in the shower and this realtor came in (key in the key lock that realtors use) with a client. I walked out and hollered for them to get the hell out.

No, I don't think you are expecting too much. Kevin should have been able to pick up SOME. Maybe he doesn't really want the house to sell?

Hang in there, girl. Something will come through! :)


Oh, he's in trouble!

Belle's Blog

It's always so stressful on a family when selling the house! We have a moving company and I ve seen it ALL! LOL
Hope tomorrow brings you a lot of laughter and smiles! (((((hugs))))))


LMBO! That is funny! Way funny!After I got done with my pilates tonight as I was walking back down the hall (I keep my mat in a chest at the end of the hall- incase your wondering, lol) anyway, my point is that I happened to look into my girls bedroom on my trip down the hall, and it looked worse than Kaylins. Lol, I'm not kidding.

And to answer your question, in my very humble opinion, no your not asking too much. However, if you are expecting results, you may be expecting too much. Lmbo! (Sorry, I couldn't resist. And yes I tried, lol)

Ha ha. I'm still laughing my head off. I think it may be a little too late- I'm getting way to gigglie. Is that a word?


Amen to you!


I can't believe you showed the house like that...I clean like a mad woman when anyone in the family says they might stop by, let alone someone who might buy my house...well, hopefully that will teach him a lesson...oh, and my house looks like that almost every day lately!

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