Friday, May 14, 2010

Update-Making A Come Back

Friday, May 14, 2010
I cant believe its been so long since I have updated. First of all, working nights are really taking a toll on me. As I said in a previous post I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. I finally get back on my schedule Tuesday or Wednesday and then its time to do it all over again. So even though I said I was trying to get on a normal schedule...well I havent. But I am making an attempt to get back to the blog work. I miss all my friends and keeping up with their lives too!

So I am going to try and make some changes here on my blog. Of course my blog will still contain family stuff but I will also blog about work, my thoughts in general, and things happening in the real world whether it being facts or just my opinion.

So right now its about 8:30am and I am going to go finish cleaning up my living room and folding the last of the laundry. Afterward I will be heading back to bed since I have to work tonight. I actually stayed up till like 2am this morning catching up on some of my shows that I had DVR'd. That's usually what I do on Thursday nights. I dont watch most of my shows throughout the week so that I can stay up late Thursday night to watch them. This helps me to stay up most of Thursday night and then sleep some Friday and then work all Friday night. I know its confusing but it works for me...well somewhat anyway!




So happy to see a post from you! Hope to see you around more!

Together We Save

** friday** sorry.

Together We Save

Happy froday follow!!

Aunt of 14

Hi!! :) I'm so glad you're coming back, I have missed you!!! :)

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