Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a Lollipop

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
A couple of weeks I am sitting at work and this woman walks into our lobby. I ask her how I can help her and she told me that she would like an officer to talk to her daughter about stealing. I told her no problem that it would be a few minutes because I would have to call an officer in. We like to get as much information as we can so that we can let the officers know what to expect. So I asked her the usual questions: what, when, and where did it happen and how old her daughter was. I was absolutely shocked when she told me her daughter was...5! Yes, 5 years old!

Now, I can understand not wanting your child to steal. I dont want mine to do that. I want them to understand wrong from right and not to take what doesnt belong to you. However, in my personal opinion I think taking a 5 year old to the police station is a little far. Now that's just my opinion. If that would have been my child of course I would have been upset but I do think I would have had to have a talk with her and let her know that it's wrong to take things (no matter what it is) that do no belong to you.

Plus, having an officer "scare" your child is never good either. You always want your child to trust a police officer and to never be scared of them. They are only there to help you out.

Anyway, long story short the little girl took a lollipop from the drug store because her mother wouldnt let her have one. In the end the little girl was made to apologize and the store ended up giving her the lollipop. I personally, wouldnt have let her have it at that point anyway. She was then brought to the police station where she talked to one of our officers. I would have loved to actually know what was said but I wasnt able to hear.

So, just wondering...what would you have done in this situation?


Aunt of 14

Wow... I wonder if she brought the child to the police station because the drug store didn't react like the mom wanted...

I would have made the child go back and apologize, but I wouldn't have taken the child to a police station. Unless they were like 10.


No way my kid would've gotten the lollipop either! But I wouldn't have taken them to talk to the police. I grew up scared to death of cops. I don't know if someone used them to scare me into being good but that would be my guess. I remember being at a garage sale with my mom once when I was little and a cop pulled up to look around and I hid under a table until he was gone!
P.S. I'm following you but you aren't showing up in my reader?! I have to fix that somehow so I can know when you post again!

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