Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Thursday, May 27, 2010
As most of you know I stay sick. If anyone in my family is going to get sick its going to be me. I never seem to share it with anyone but they always share it with me.
So last Thursday afternoon me and my friend Andrea hit the park to walk some laps. I am really trying to walk more in hopes of losing some weight. We normally walk about 4 miles but about half way through I start sneezing like crazy and then I get all congested. So we decided to call it a day. I had a church meeting that night so I went home to shower and get ready for that. I simply decided that since I was outside that my allergies were just acting up...because I suffer YEAR round with my allergies. All throughout my meeting at church I just seemed to get worse. More sneezing, congestion and a major headache. So I went home and literally drank a half bottle of benadryl and cozied up on the couch to watch the Season Finale of Grey's was awesome by the way!

I went to bed around 12:30am but was never able to go to sleep. I decided that as soon as the doctors office opened I would be there because I had to work Friday night. I needed some rest too! My mom is the Office Manager of where I go to the doctor so I called her at 7am and she told me to be there by 8 and she would have them work me in. So I was there by 8 and saw the Dr. I was diagnosed with a Sinus Infection. Yay me! The Dr. gave me an option of getting a steroid shot & antibiotic shot. I agreed because I would much rather have the shot since it works quicker. He then asked if I had ever had the pneumonia shot. I told him I hadn't because I typically stay away from those types of shots because I know for a fact that I am allergic to the flu shot. He explained that the pneumonia shot was totally different from the flu shot and it didn't have the same contents in it so I shouldn't be allergic to it. He then told me that get the pneumonia shot typically cuts down on infections that people normally get. So I agreed to get it. So I got the steroid shot in my left hip, the antibiotic shot in my right hip and the pneumonia shot in my left arm. I was set and ready to go.

I got home took a small nap and went to Kaylyn's Graduation (I will post on this later). Afterwards came back home and got another small nap before having to be at work at 6. Work was incredibly busy that night since there was a robbery but I will post on that later too. As the night went on I began to feel worse. My head congestion was awful, I could barely breathe. Then I kept having hot & cold flashes. I was so thankful that Friday was my short night and that I only work 8 hrs. So by 2 am I was ready to go. When I got home I took my temp and it was 101.2. I took some Tylenol and laid down. I never went to sleep because I couldn't breathe because of all the congestion. Around 4 I started to get the chills and I was sweating really bad. I got up and took my temp and it was now 103.7! I couldn't believe it was higher. So of course I laid back down again. Throughout the day my fever stayed at around 103 with Tylenol and Motrin. I felt horrible and ended up calling into work because I knew I couldn't function. By 9 Saturday night I was ready to go to the ER. I couldn't get my fever down no matter what I did. I rotated between Tylenol and Motrin all day, took cold baths and kept a cold rag on my head.

At the ER the doctor came in and did a strep test. He said my fever should not be this high with just a sinus infection. It would be high for strep but my strep test was negative. They did some blood work and the conclusion was that I was having an allergic reaction to the pneumonia shot that I had gotten the day before. He went ahead and swapped my oral antibiotic to something stronger and sent me home. That night my fever still hovered between 102 & 103. I still want able to get that much rest simply because I couldn't breathe when I laid down. Later into Sunday my fever finally broke and stayed around 99 & 100 until Monday. I ended up calling in Sunday night too because I still had the fever and was not able to function. I spent all weekend in bed but got no rest. Monday morning my fever was down and I was finally able to breathe some so I ended up sleeping most of Monday. However, now that I look back it I just believe that my body was just use to being up and awake during the night and use to sleeping on Monday. Tuesday I actually got out of bed and did somethings around the house. Today I feel alot better but still have a little congestion left to deal with. Hopefully it will be over soon though.

My anniversary is Saturday and I have already requested off so hopefully I will be all better so I can enjoy dinner and a movie!


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