Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Give me a J-O-B

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Well I have decided that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a stay at home mom but it is time for me to get a job. We are barely making it and I have a serious buyer on our house so hopefully sometime in October we will be rid of it. I will post more on this later. However, Kevin and I were discussing our finances and if I want to buy the house I want then I need a job. I am making money with Mary Kay just not enough to keep us afloat right now. I do plan on continuing to do Mary Kay and maybe one day I will have a bigger client base and can make enough to stay at home. But right now that just isnt feasible.

Before my last job I worked as an Office Manager at a church...I really liked it except for all the drama that was always going on. I never knew there was drama at a church! I worked for the church for 14 months...I really liked it but of course decided to take my last job because of the money. Before my church job I was a receptionist at a pediatrics office. I loved it...except for the one of the doctors. He owned the practice and he thought he was God or something and he wasnt....he treated us like crap. The day he threw a chart at me and another girl was the day I walked out. However, I loved the patients and I loved what I did...so now I am looking for something like that. I think I could be happy at a drs office.

So wish me luck on my job search...who knows, maybe I will find a job to where I can start blogging again regularly!



Good luck! I know what you mean about working for a church. I thought temping for a ministry would be a piece of cake, but we have to remember that churches and ministries are still run by humans who are far from perfect! I almost think it's harder to work for a place like that. I'm way tired of my temp job already but the extra money is really helping so I'm hoping it lasts for a while.
Anyway, good luck with the job search and the house! I CANNOT WAIT until the day I can say we sold ours. Our renters have had some tough times lately too, which puts more strain on us (like we need more). But they are getting back on top again and I'm hoping they'll be able to buy it in the next year.
Sheesh, I should've just emailed you!

Aunt of 14

Alicia, good luck with the job search! I know you can do it... I think you can do anything you want, really! Please keep us posted...


Alicia - good luck.... I worked at my church, and work for a Diocese now - it is amazing how much drama there is! LOL... I would say check out Craig's LIst, and also indeed.com... that is a site that pulls all local postings for your area into one. Keep us posted!

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