Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Few Jobs from the past

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
I read Ace's post yesterday and in there she mentioned her first job (no I am not going to tell you her first job! You go ready it here yourself!). It got me to thinking about my first job and then some that followed.

Other than babysitting I didnt start working until I was 16. My first job was at a bakery...I am not going to name the place because it is still in business and I got paid under the table:) Anyway, it was a bakery/deli. One of my really good friends (Kim) got me a job there. I would have to be at work at 4 in the afternoons and we would close at 8 and I was normally home by 9ish. What I would do was take orders and actually cooked a few things too! My favorite was a phillycheese steak sandwich. Yummy! Being a bakery they also made wedding cakes! The best part (for us anyways) was when they would mess up a cake and have to start over. Kim and I would take the messed up cake (it wasnt really messed up it either had the wrong frosting or cake mix...always something like that) to school the next day and have yummy cake for lunch or eat it for breakfast. Back then I could get away with eating cake for breakfast! We also got paid to help cater some weddings. That was always fun because we got to drive the "company" was a Ford Expedition. It was awesome to drive...oh and the power. We would fly around in that thing...thank God I am still alive today! Anyways we would load the Expedition up with all the necessary stuff including the cake and have to deliver to the church. Everything made it in one piece!

My next job came at the beginning of my Senior year. My Sophmore year I began taking classes at our local community college and I would take 2 courses per semester (2 classes a week). Because I did that it helped me finish up my credits in high school early so I only had to take my four main classes (Science, Math, English & History/Economics) my senior year. Only taking those 4 classes I got out of school every day at noon! How awesome is that? I loved it! So anyways my best friend then got me a job where she worked at an Orthodontist Office. I was an assistant. Yes, I worked on patients...only minor things like taking their wire out of their braces or those colored rings off. Bascially my job would be to have all of that off the patient so that the patient is ready when the Orthodontists is ready to see the patient. I actually enjoyed it! I would only work there from 1pm-5pm and would have the rest of my night to do whatever I pleased.

Then the last month of my senior year I decided to get another job while still doing my orthodontist assistant. There was a new pizzeria opening up in my home town so I thought I would get a night job there. I had to be there at 5:30 and would work till 9. I made some good money and all I did there flatten out the pizza crust before it was made! I only worked there for about 2 months or so.

After that was the summer that I graduated from High School...this will be another post in itself!

So that is a few jobs that I had in High School...what about you?



That's wild! In 2005 I thought I was tired of being a SAHM and got a job as an "Orthodontic Clinician"! I did more than the wires and colored rings though. I even got to be very good at actually applying the braces and cementing appliances in. The hours were stressful though and the Orthodontist was a real jerk (I mean it, I've never met anyone like him). I only worked there 8 months when Superman took a job in a different town and we moved to be closer to his job, which made mine just too far to be worth it.

Aunt of 14

It is so nice to hear what it was like for you when you were younger!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

I'd have loved to be in that explorer with you! we'd have had a good time my dear! I worked at a grocery store, which was fun on it's own!

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