Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello and Goodbye

Thursday, June 17, 2010
So this is Callie. I honestly have been so busy I havent introduced her to the blog world. We have had her since the last week in February. She has been a really good dog. She was given to us by one of my friends. It seems her husband is handicapped and had alot of trouble walking and Callie is the kind of dog that will follow you to the bathroom so they were afraid that she would either a) get stepped on or b)he would fall on her. So I decided to save her so that they wouldnt have to send her to the pound.

I have really enjoyed her. She is a great lap dog. She loves to sit in my lap and watch TV. She is really good with Kaylyn too. I think she gets a little nervous when Kaylyn is really hyper but who doesn't lol! She is house trained for the most part....although I do think we are going to end of pulling up the carpet and putting down hardwoods. When we first got her she of course was nervous because of the new place and peed everywhere. I swear I still smell it but I have steamed cleaned my carpet like twice a month since we have gotten her.

However, since we have had Callie I have been nothing but sick! My allergies have been bothering me and I have had numerous sinus infections. So anyways, I talked to my doctor and she ran several tests and concluded that I am still allergic to many things including dogs. When she actually found out I had a dog she freaked out and told me it was in my best interest to get rid of the dog. So after discussing it with Kevin we are going to give her away to a good home. It was a hard decision especially since we have to tell Kaylyn. We will tell her sometime this weekend and I hope it goes well. Like I said I hate to get rid of her but I really have been nothing but miserable health wise of the last couple of months. So say a prayer that Kaylyn takes it well!


Aunt of 14

So sorry about Callie! :(

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