Friday, March 5, 2010

New Job

Friday, March 5, 2010
So I have been missing for a while. I have had several things going on with well my family, new job and life in general. Yes, I said new job. I now work for our local Police Dept as a Dispatcher. So far I love it. It is part time (32 hours a week). I do work nights however and enjoying that too. At first I wasnt too happy about working nights but then I realized it really works for mine and Kevin's schedule. I work Friday night (6pm-2am), Saturday night (6pm-6am), and Sunday night (6pm-6am). Working that schedule means that I am home with Kaylyn during the week. So this will work even better during the summer and spring break...this way I dont have to worry about who will take care of Kaylyn while I am working.

Working for the PD I have encountered some crazy things. We literally have this "crazy" lady that starts calling every morning around 3 am. She just calls to talk. We have to talk to her because we have to answer every phone call that comes in. She is an older woman that just calls to talk and their is nothing we can do about it. She calls and maybe talks to us for about a min or so and then she says bye and hangs up. She talks about off the wall things like diets, sex (yes, sex!), food, and grading papers. Every now and again she calls and actually needs police assistance.

Another great (insert sarcasm here) part of my job is same sex searches. During the day there is a female officer on the night there isnt. So that means if a female is brought in by officers then a female dispatcher has to search her. I have assisted 2 searches during training and done 2 solo. The female is brought into the bathroom (not big at all) and a male officer stands outside the door in case help is needed. There are 2 types of searches (I have done 1 of each). There is a pat down search where we where gloves and actually pat down the suspect. Then there is a full out strip search where the suspect takes ALL of their clothes off and bends over to make sure nothing is "hidden" in their "cracks and crevices." Then I have to search their clothes and shoes to make sure nothing is in them either. If a female has on an underwire bra that has to be removed until they are released as well as "all" piercings. The best & only thing about full strip search is that we actually do not touch the suspect. We just have to "look" and make sure there isn't anything there that shouldn't be.

This past weekend on Saturday night 2 girls were brought in on underage drinking and driving. Because they were brought in for drinking a pat down search is performed. I observed one with my other female trainer and then did the other by myself. Both girls had to remove their bras because of the underwire and then the last one had to remove her piercings. One in each of her nipples and one in her belly button. I did her pat down and she was clean. They were placed in a cell for a hold.

On Sunday night we had a call for a possible DUI. Turns out the driver was completely sober but the passenger had a bag of weed on her so she was brought in on possession. Since she was being charged for drug possession she had to have a full strip search. I do have to say I was happy that I didnt have to touch her and she too was clean.

What I do love is all the excuses I get when they come in. The females are the babies that whine and cry and the men...well they just take it. One of the underage girls cried and cried. She looked like a total mess and she knew she was in trouble by her parents. The other underage girl was fine with it and very chatty when I was doing her search. She told me she was a Hooter's girl and was just talking away. Apparently she has done this before according to her record. Now the girl that was arrested for possession of weed...she wasnt crying but she wanted me to know that she had cancer and that the reason she smoked the pot was because of her kids. Apparently smoking pot helps her cope with the cancer. But we dont know for sure if she had cancer or not. I just listen and do what I have to do to get out of the room.

Those are some stories from this past weekend. I am gearing up for another weekend of fun at the station. I will keep you posted on what's going on!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.




Sounds exciting! lol Who knew a dispatcher had so much responsibility. I'm so glad you found something you enjoy and works for your schedule!!!

Aunt of 14

Oh my goodness... you actually have to do the body searches!!! I'm sorry but I would FREAK out if a female had to bend over totally naked for me to look at her butthole. You've got some balls, lady!! :)

So glad to hear from you again!


I was wondering about you. Glad to see your alright and enjoying your new job. Sounds kinda fun. :)

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