Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Work Friends...not so much

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
I was reading Nikki's post yesterday where she was talking about some of her work friends and how they really didn't turn out to be friends at all. It reminded me of what happened to me a few years back.

Right after I had Kaylyn I started working for her pediatrician. Actually he was mine too. I was like 12 or so when I started seeing him...coincidentally my worked for him at the time too. Anyways, I started working for him as a receptionist. Because it was a private practice it paid really well. I loved what I was doing...I loved interacting with the patients and their parents. Anyway, I worked there 2 1/2 years and alot of the patients liked me. They would always call me up to get an appointment instead of dealing with the 2 other girls that worked there. There were 3 doctors in this practice and they were all pediatricians. Dr. M was the owner of the practice (my old pediatrician & now my daughters) and I worked directly for him. I handled his patients and only his patients. I was familiar with them all and knew what was going on at all times. One of the other girls (we will call C) worked the other 2 doctors but they were very slow so she was never that busy...I was the busy one. However C and I became really good friends. We even talked/text alot at home. We had good times together.

Anyways, I was offered another job (at the church) making $3 more an hour than I was at the doctors office. Being since we could really use that extra money I decided to take that job. So I put in my notice. Of course everyone was sad to see me go and we all promised we would stay in touch. On my last day the office manager of the doctors office called me into her office. She said that they didnt want me to go and as an incentive they would offer me $2 more an hour to go but I couldnt tell anyone and I would have to go to the other job and "decide" that they other job wasnt for me in order to get this job. I did put some thought into it but the other church job was somewhat closer to home and Kaylyn could go to the preschool there and I would be there while she was in school. That meant alot to have her close by.

So I told the office manager that I would let her know. I did...after a week of working at the church I told her I appreciate the offer but the church was where I felt I needed to be. She was very nice about it and understood. C and I did keep in touch and we actually would talk 2-3 times a week about this and that. Well one night she confided in me that she was thinking about quitting the doctors office because everything there was being put on her since I left. They hadnt hired anyone else and the other girl (we will call her T) wasnt working at all. Even when I worked there T stayed on the phone and internet all day...she was never helpful. C felt that since she was working all 3 doctors that she should get paid for it...and I agreed with her.

However, I opened my big mouth and told her to ask for a raise...she said she didnt know if they would. So I told her that they offered me more money if I would stay so I knew there was "more" money if she would only ask. I thought this would stay between us but it didnt. It seemed that a few days later it got really busy and C felt the need to vent to T and then happened to tell T about how I was offered more money to stay. T got really mad about it because that meant I would have been making more money than her and some of the nurses. So T spread it all over the office and one of the nurses confronted Dr M. This made Dr M very mad because who wants to work with a bunch of angry women...especially over money! Dr M had a talk with the office manager who then called me ON MY NEW JOB. She told me that what we talked about was suppose to have been private (and it was...I agree with her) and that I never should have told C. But since I caused such an uproar in the office that Dr M has decided to dismiss both of my kids from the practice (meaning he would no longer see my kids for any reason) and I was no longer welcome there. Can you believe that?

So I was royally pissed and then I texted "Thank You" to C and her reply was "for what" and I replied "for getting my kids dismissed from that office" of course then she played stupid like she didnt know what I was talking about. She knew...she was the only one I told about that.

So yeah sometimes your "work friends" arent really your friends. But I did learn a lesson...just keep my mouth shut!


Aunt of 14

WOW... Yes, that is very true. What just pisses me off is how they dismissed your KIDS from the office! I mean WHAT?! Your kids had nothing to do with it... but you know what, if you had continued to take them there who knows if they would really have gotten the BEST care with this over Dr M's head!


That sounds all too familiar to me.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Yep, I think we have all been there. Unfortunately.

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