Thursday, October 8, 2009


Thursday, October 8, 2009
Branson, Missouri here I come! That's right I am going to Branson! I have never been so I am excited! Why am I going you ask? Mary Kay of course! My unit is having a Fall Retreat on October 16-18. We are driving so it will be about an 8 hr trip! I know, but I am up for it! I am just ready for some ME time! Friday night we are having a big dinner, Saturday morning we have training classes that will take part in to help our business out, Saturday night we are having a big bon fire and makine smores, then Sunday morning we are having a small brunch and then hitting the road! Again I am so excited! I really want to grow my business and lately I havent been having any luck. So why not learn some tips from Multi-Million Dollar directors. I mean if they did it I can do it right?

We will be staying at the Big Cedar Lodge and I am sharing a room with 3 other girls...1 I know from my unit! However there are 4 other girls going from my unit. So we are all riding together. Anyways, I will have my camera so I cant wait to post some pics!



I totally hear "Saturday Cell Phone Mosaic" written all over that post!

But seriously, have a good time! Hope you have fun and learn a lot!


Cool. I go to Branson a lot. My dad lives about 2 hours from there. You guys should check out Silver Dollar City while your there- it's really pretty this time of year. And the shows, oh my goodness. I just love that placce!

Be careful and have fun!

Aunt of 14

I hope you have a lot of fun! :)


So we are both going on trips this week - sweet! I have always wanted to go to Branson so I hope you have a wonderful time!! (((Hugs)))

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